Revolutionising the biotechnology landscape

Biomanufacturing has shifted from stainless steel ‘fixed-in-place’ manufacturing to the more flexible capabilities of the ‘ballroom’ concept designed around single-use technologies. Contract research organisations (CROs) and contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs) worldwide have embraced this shift in both research and development (R&D) and biomanufacturing. In addition to being more flexible, single-use technology is more efficient, productive, and cost effective than more traditional biotech multifunctional production platforms. 

Innovating bioreactor and bioprocess solutions

At the nexus of this shift is the Quorus Biotech Q-BIOME console, a next-generation bioprocessing control platform. This platform pioneers the continuous cultivation of microbial and mammalian adherent cell lines using single-use membrane bioreactors.

Quorus Biotech’s cell culture and microbial platforms, in combination with customised biomimetic structural and functional scaffold surface modalities, simulate in vivo 3D culture environments. These environments support and enhance cell attachment, propagation, differentiation, higher cell densities, and scalability.



Responding to an ever-changing market