International Cape Town based Biomanufacturer

Quorus Biotech is an innovative international biopharmaceutical and bioprocessing platform manufacturer. We serve the biomanufacturing requirements of various industry segments including biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and flavour and fragrances. 

As bioreactor innovators, we develop and produce benchtop and scalable parallel bioreactors for the cultivation of microbial and mammalian adherent cell lines. Our comprehensive bioprocess portfolio includes single-use bioreactors and next-generation bioprocessing control platforms.

Operating from our laboratory in Mowbray South Africa, our scientists have pioneered the development of single-use membrane-based bioreactors for truly continuous fermentation and cell culture. This pioneering development ranges from our parallel single-fibre bioreactor system designed for early-stage bioprocess development to our benchtop bioreactor production platform.

Our history

A story of bio-innovation