Bioprocess optimisation

Our Q-Biome bioprocessing platform is designed for biomanufacturing low-volume, high-value secreted products for all segments of the biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, and flavour and fragrance industries. These include:

  • Reagents and diagnostics
  • Therapeutics, biologics, and vaccines
  • Natural pigments
  • Flavour and fragrance compounds
  • Speciality enzymes

In order to ensure that stringent critical quality attributes (CQA's) for safe biologics production are met, accurate monitoring and control of process parameters is required. In the case of single-use, disposable bioreactors the integration of single-use sensors provides numerous advantages including:

  • Decreased contamination risk
  • Elimination of cleaning
  • Associated validation, sterilisation, and calibration steps

By incorporating PreSens Precision Sensing single-use OEM pH,2, and O2 we are able to meet the stringent and precise requirements for advanced bioprocess control and monitoring.

Services and product

Quorus 3-D perfusion cell culture