Meeting client biomanufacturing needs

We provide a number of services designed to meet the biomanufacturing requirements of our clients, including:

We assist new clients with transitioning from submerged culture bioprocesses to adherent cell cultures for biomanufacturing. Collaborative co-development of processes means we are able to assist with new system development and bioprocess conditions and parameters optimisation to meet your biomanufacturing requirements.

Quorus Biotech or our distributor will professionally install and commission your Q-BIOME system to ensure that your equipment is operating perfectly from the start. Our service team will verify that your equipment is installed according to manufacturer specification.


  • Equipment is operational with immediate effect
  • Configured to meet your specific requirements
  • Calibrated on site
  • Your operating staff are professionally trained to operate the equipment with confidence and ease

Compliance with government and international standards requires documented verification that your systems are installed and functioning according to the manufacturers intended use. Our qualification services team provides Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) or Instrument Performance Verification (IPV). This means you can submit audit-quality data to your regulatory body to verify that your instrument is working optimally according to manufacturers specifications.

To make repairs and corrective maintenance on the Q-BIOME fast and user-friendly, we have designed several inherent features. Easy access to electronics panels with cold-swappable PLC (programmable logic controller) cards and other controllers makes replacement and repair fast and hassle-free.

Onsite software upgrades using Ethernet connectivity are possible and, should any problems arise, our Quorus service team can perform remote diagnostics tests. In the event of any hardware failure, we will repair your equipment onsite or at our distribution centre in Luxembourg.


  • Fast turnaround and reduced downtime
  • Use of original manufacturer spare components
  • Re-integration of equipment into laboratory and process sequences

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