Quorus 3-D perfusion cell culture platform

Optimisation of cell culture parameters is an essential component of process development for the production of active biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, and monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). 

To achieve this, our proprietary transverse-flow membrane bioreactor, in combination with our customised biomimetic structural and functional surface modalities, simulates in vivo 3-D cell culture environments. These environments support and enhance cell attachment, propagation, higher cell densities, and scalability.

Designed as a transverse-flow membrane (TVFM) bioreactor, gas-liquid and liquid-liquid mass transfer is facilitated without the dispersion of one phase within another. Through the separation of fluid paths using specialised porous ceramic membranes, pressure differentials drive the mass transfer across gas-liquid or liquid-liquid phases. This facilitates larger shell-side mass transfer coefficients with minimal flow channelling which allows for modular scale-up characteristics and more precise performance prediction.

Configuration benefits

  • Models the mammalian circulatory system for in-vivo-like conditions
  • Improves cell viability
  • Eliminates the need to split cells (cell passage)
  • Enables high density cell growth (the human body)
  • Stabilises the pH of the cell culture system
  • Reduces serum requirements and allows for non-serum medium


Services and products

Quorus 3-D scaffold prototyping