Quorus bioprocessing platform

For contract research organisations (CROs) and contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs), laboratory and manufacturing space is always at a premium. With its compact design, the Q-BIOME sets the benchmark for flexibility combined with multi-functionality into a small footprint. This translates into greater efficiency and productivity at lower operating costs. As a next-generation bioprocessing control platform, the Q-BIOME can be customised for the cultivation of microbial or mammalian adherent cell lines.

By integrating our enhanced biomimetic 3-D matrix and scaffolding tehnologies, we offer an extensive portfolio of microbial and mammalian single-use bioreactors. These leading-edge bioreactors are designed to meet the dynamic needs of the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and flavour and fragrance industry sectors.

Our Q-BIOME bioprocess control platform:

  • Is customisable to accommodate our full range of SUB (single-use bioreactors) through our universal bioprocess control capabilities
  • Offers a range of continuous cell culture scale-up and scale-down SUBS suitable for all bench-scale requirements from acedemic to CROs and CMOs

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Quorus single use bioreactors